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How big is your potential? Part 2

Posted by ebonywood on January 1, 2009

The largest mountain in the world
The largest mountain in the world

The way to answer this question is not to try to know the answer but to understand the question itself.


It is not enough to say “the question has no answer”, because that disrespects your will, your passion and your hunger to learn. And with that kind of attitude, you will witness your own drive denying challenges that would make your life a growing and worthwhile experience.


Anyway…..The question is meant to take you to the very limit of your understanding.  To make you admit (if you’re honest to yourself), that you don’t know and could never know. Will never know (on earth anyway), the answer. 


The question is intended to make you and your intellect (no matter how high it is), bow down in humble submission to THAT QUESTION (call it what you wish), THAT QUESTION is greater than yourself.


Your intellect and logic will tell you, the Almighty means Almighty and nothing is impossible, but the question seems to deny the Almighty is all powerful.


So you say, “How can the Almighty create a rock that The Almighty cannot lift? How? How? How?


THAT – is beyond you. You know the Almighty exists, because the question does, but the answer.  HOW?, is beyond you and remains with the Almighty. It is not your business, or your life’s mission to know how.


Your job is to BE.


How does all this apply to where we’re going?


Pursue your goals without fear and in total confidence. There is no dream or vision big enough to exclude you, us.


Know whatever you want to do, is possible, but will require action. What action, depending on your own level of ambition, could at times feel like a grey area, but keep yourself open and be willing to take some.


How? Is not your business, but faith is, and will determine how soon you will arrive. But enjoy the journey.


At this point in time, we (Ebonywood Studio Productions) have placed our faith and focus on the community.


There are now many of you tuning into these blogs.


Please think about what has been written here the past few weeks and watch this space closely over the next few weeks of this New Year.


Let us see if we can achieve a miracle. Smile. 🙂

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The Sunday Sermon

Posted by ebonywood on December 16, 2008

When I start to preach, you will say, “Amen!”

I chose today, Sunday, because I wanted a traditional church setting. Just picture me in the pulpit with you in the congregation.


Right now some of you may be thinking this is interesting, but, please don’t say that word, ‘interesting’ to me. It makes me want to slap you in the face with a big wet fish. And I’ll say, “Amen” if you let me. Now, that would be interesting. Yeah, I know. I said the word. But look at it this way, I wouldn’t be a good preacher if I didn’t have double standards, would I?….now where was I?…Yeah…..If -you- let- me. I’m trying to turn that darkness into light. So please read carefully.
  • How many things do we ‘let’ happen?
  • How many times have you ‘let’ yourself be blind and shut your eyes to your light?

I’m a film maker and right now I’m one in the company helping the good people around me promote Jingle Blues Jingle Bells.

The other day I was walking through the market handing out my flyers (marketing requires consistence and persistence), and while walking, I stopped outside PAK COSMETICS and with all the people going into that shop to buy hair and all those kind of things, I saw that my flyers were well suited to the customers going in there.


I suddenly thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great to have a shop called BLAK COSMETICS.



But as long as I only thought about it., it’s not going to happen. 

It’s just like stories. Who’s gonna tell our stories? Promote our images? Make our films? If we don’t take the first step. No, fuck it! Go all the way! Do it!

 The answer is simple….Oh damn….that’s my door. I got visitors. Sorry. We’ll pick this up again later……..Amen guys.

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