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How big is your potential? Final chapter.

Posted by ebonywood on January 5, 2009

The Caroll Family

The Caroll Family

……….Right. You will be doing two things: The first is proving there is demand, so we know we can command. The second thing you’ll be doing is letting Ebonywood Studios know that you are actively behind us and are on the journey too. (It is a fact and a very important one to keep in mind, that most Black British people do not write into TV stations like the BBC and other commercial channels. Maybe it’s because you’re thinking what’s the point, no-one’s gonna listen. But you would be dead wrong. In the ratio of how ratings are worked out, one letter represents a thousand people. But that’s another discussion, for another time).

Right now it’s important that you go into HMV and ask for the film, Jingle Blues Jingle Bells. If they don’t have it in stock, order it. If the shop assisants give you an excuse not order it. Complain, because there is no reason why you can’t have it. None. Pay for it and reserve it. It will come to you and what you give will come to us. Some Shop Assistances in some branches have been quite negative towards our product. They can make it seem like HMV’s Head Office forgot to tell some of the branches that there’s a new Black British family film in the mainstream.

We know it’s not impossible to achieve our goal…….But it will be so much easier with you.

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How big is your potential? Part 3

Posted by ebonywood on January 4, 2009

Remember what I said about the Pound? Remember what I said about actions speaking louder than words? Well here’s the real deal for Ebonywood Studio Productions and the mission to serve our friends and families.


First, I want to ask you, do you want a Feature Film Production Company, making big commercial films that represent you? 


Secondly, do you want to see more images and stories, for longer periods of screen time that reflect your life/existence? 


Would you want to be a part of a huge, diverse and powerful organisation that is run/owned by Black British people, that excludes no-one?


By the way, when you watch our film Jingle Blues Jingle Bells, tell us if you think the cast is fairly balanced, even though all the leading characters are Black.


Trust me. If we can prove there is demand, then your colour will and can command!


We know ‘Jingle Blues Jingle Bells’ is a seasonal film. But, it is a historical move, which we should all be a part of. It will take continuity and consistency to ensure the company’s success.


We need you to focus your energies (£), here to back and support our move smoothly into our next feature film.


By buying a copy of Jingle Blues Jingle Bells, your  ‘symbol of support’, will be doing two things…………..


My Mother’s just called, she really needs my help. I’ll back as soon as I can. Please don’t go too far away. This is very important.


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How big is your potential? Part 2

Posted by ebonywood on January 1, 2009

The largest mountain in the world
The largest mountain in the world

The way to answer this question is not to try to know the answer but to understand the question itself.


It is not enough to say “the question has no answer”, because that disrespects your will, your passion and your hunger to learn. And with that kind of attitude, you will witness your own drive denying challenges that would make your life a growing and worthwhile experience.


Anyway…..The question is meant to take you to the very limit of your understanding.  To make you admit (if you’re honest to yourself), that you don’t know and could never know. Will never know (on earth anyway), the answer. 


The question is intended to make you and your intellect (no matter how high it is), bow down in humble submission to THAT QUESTION (call it what you wish), THAT QUESTION is greater than yourself.


Your intellect and logic will tell you, the Almighty means Almighty and nothing is impossible, but the question seems to deny the Almighty is all powerful.


So you say, “How can the Almighty create a rock that The Almighty cannot lift? How? How? How?


THAT – is beyond you. You know the Almighty exists, because the question does, but the answer.  HOW?, is beyond you and remains with the Almighty. It is not your business, or your life’s mission to know how.


Your job is to BE.


How does all this apply to where we’re going?


Pursue your goals without fear and in total confidence. There is no dream or vision big enough to exclude you, us.


Know whatever you want to do, is possible, but will require action. What action, depending on your own level of ambition, could at times feel like a grey area, but keep yourself open and be willing to take some.


How? Is not your business, but faith is, and will determine how soon you will arrive. But enjoy the journey.


At this point in time, we (Ebonywood Studio Productions) have placed our faith and focus on the community.


There are now many of you tuning into these blogs.


Please think about what has been written here the past few weeks and watch this space closely over the next few weeks of this New Year.


Let us see if we can achieve a miracle. Smile. 🙂

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The reality of Capitalism. Economics 1.1

Posted by ebonywood on December 26, 2008

The value of a £

The value of a £

I woke up late this afternoon because Santa spent the whole night with my wife.  Making up, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I thought, “Christmas is almost here again. And it feels like it was only yesterday.” But hey, I’m not gonna go off on one again. Let’s stick to economics.


I was talking to a lady that works in the Finance Department of one of our Borough Councils. She told me that some research was carried out, and out of the Jewish Community, The Asian (Indian) Community, the Afro Caribbean/African (Black British) Community and the animals, and guess who was at the bottom. You’re right, the animals. But guess who only just beat the Animals. You got it . The Black British Community. Why?


It was found that the  in the Jewish Community, a  pound would circulate at least four times in their Community before it would come out to benefit the other communities.


In the Asian (Indian) Community, a pound would circulate at least three times in their community before it would come out and benefit the other communities.


Now, in the Black British Community, forget about two times around. We were lucky if it circled once around the community before it went out and benefited the other communities. And that had nothing to do with the system keeping us down.


For some reason we just don’t back our own businesses…. enough.


To know this as a Filmmaker is really depressing. To make the films we want to see, educate and inspire through the media, which is the modern day mirror of us, someone once said, we need backing.


Now here’s the thing…The indigenous Anglo Saxon, White Europeans, were not even featured in the research. Why? Because, this Community, the largest in Britain, ARE the pound. And you may be asking, “Where do the animals come into all of this? Well, the animals are heavily subsidised by the pound and have no need to worry, because the pound is an ardent animal lover.  Think about it.


………..By the way, if ‘God so loved the world’, why did he never come himself? Why’d he send his only Son?


Time for a nice late lunch, I think. Some fish, bread and wine, hmmm.

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The lights are on but … part 2

Posted by ebonywood on December 14, 2008

If you have always been struggling financially, if you as a community have always been at the bottom of the economic ladder and never had a look in and have never been allowed to be significantly industrious, now is the time to turn what was your greatest weakness into your greatest strength.



The light represents wealth, opulence, and abundance. The darkness represents lack, disability and hardship. It’s bullocks.


While you were in the dark, wasn’t the wealth and prosperity still around?


While you were in the dark, were you still not hearing about people’s success? What’s changed?


Nothing too difficult to understand. You have always been in the darkness. So while the one’s who have always been in the light adjust to the darkness, you should take the opportunity to thrive. It is really your time. If you lack imagination, I’ll tell you how you can in my next blog. “It’s your deeds that define you.” Just because Batman said, don’t make it less true.


Anyway, my cat needs feeding. And she loves me. so, “meow” ’til next time.


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The lights are on but ….

Posted by ebonywood on December 13, 2008

Jingle Blues Jingle Bells meets Stratford!

Jingle Blues Jingle Bells meets Stratford!

As I’m handing out these flyers promoting ‘Jingle Blues Jingle Bells’, I hear the cries of credit crunch. Some people say ‘interesting.” I’m not sure if I really like that word.




Because I don’t really know what it means. But I’ll come back to that word another time. I’ll tell you a few stories about that word and why the dictionary has got the meaning wrong.


Right now I’m dealing with the psychology behind the exchange of the flyer. Why do people take a flyer from you, stare at it for thirty-seconds (reading) and then ask you what it’s all about? I don’t mind explaining, but it seems that most people (including me), ain’t ‘here and now’. You’ve heard the expression, ‘the lights are on, but nobody’s home?’

Anyway, today it’s the ones that are crying ‘Credit Crunch’ I wanna talk to. I’ll tell you a little story. Two guys were going about their daily business, one was blind the other could see. The blind man spent a lot of time bumping into things and had to find other abilities within him to move around and survive. And he did and not only was he surviving, he was doing fairly well. The other man was thriving and continued to do so. The blind man’s perceived disadvantage didn’t mean a thing to the man that could see. After all, he was living in a seeing man’s world. Then one day, with no warning, the whole world went dark. The man that could see went mad, he could no longer find his way around. He couldn’t function without his eyes and was full of fear.  But for the blind man, everything was the same. In fact, without the blind man knowing, he had become equal.


The point of the story is, why would a blind man, who functions perfectly in the dark, start to bump into furniture and all kinds of other things, just because someone turns the light out?


Some of you will get the gist from now, but I’ll spell it out for you in no uncertain terms in the beginning of my next blog.

Right now my daughters need my attention.


That ol’ daddy thing, you know?

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