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Posted by ebonywood on January 9, 2009

Who are ‘They’? Why are ’They’ always to blame?   

I find myself doing it all the time. I hear other people doing it all the time.

‘They’ did it to us?’

‘They wanna keep us down, so we won’t know the truth’

‘They’ don’t care about us decent, law abiding citizens. ‘They’ just walk all over us.

‘We won’t get nowhere because ‘They’ have a glass ceiling there.


They know what they’re doing.   Who’s ‘They’?


I think I’ve just decided I hate the word ‘They’ more than the other word I used to moan about. Yeah, I know.  I still haven’t told you why the Dictionary has the definition of that word all wrong. We’ll get there.


Try a ‘ting, right.  The next time the word ‘They’ is said without a proper reference point in your conversation, break it down! Put pressure on the word, reveal what’s behind it. And I bet you’ll start finding more solutions rather than creating more problems.


I should be a f***ing Life Doctor. And take my own advice. Anyway, I was thinking –


They should get together, twenty, thirty maybe forty of them, in a hall or a large conference room. And under the heading of  ‘Moving Forward’, the chosen chair person should say, Right, from now on, 20% out of every ticket that is sold to members, customers, sponsors, coming through our doors, will be put into an account. It don’t matter which Bank it is. It could be Natty West, or anyone of them. But after the Banks chosen, the only valid question they should then come up with is, “what we gonna do with all this money?”

Then they should say, “We’ll take all this money and pay something towards a bright boy or girl’s school fees, allocate a family and pay off all their debts (if they believe they have the ability to maintain good credit and thrive). Find a package deal and send a group of  ‘knife and gun crime youths’ around the world for a while…….


…..Wait, wait, wait! Just hold on Ebonywood. Who are ‘They’?


‘They’ are the DJ’s, the respected Community Radio Stations, The Club Owners and Entertainment Promoters.

 ‘They’ know who they are……


Ebonywood has Orwellian thoughts.

Ebonywood has Orwellian thoughts.

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