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Singing in the rain – Stratford

Posted by ebonywood on December 15, 2008

See Mr Caroll of the film Jingle Blues Jingle Bells, singing in the rain.


We aim to be out and about across the length and breadth of the UK to spread the word about the film.  Manchester, Birmingham and London are just some of the places where we have been.

Look and listen out for us and please continue to support this independent film!

Jingle Blues Jingle Bells – so much fun!!!!!!

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The lights are on but … part 2

Posted by ebonywood on December 14, 2008

If you have always been struggling financially, if you as a community have always been at the bottom of the economic ladder and never had a look in and have never been allowed to be significantly industrious, now is the time to turn what was your greatest weakness into your greatest strength.



The light represents wealth, opulence, and abundance. The darkness represents lack, disability and hardship. It’s bullocks.


While you were in the dark, wasn’t the wealth and prosperity still around?


While you were in the dark, were you still not hearing about people’s success? What’s changed?


Nothing too difficult to understand. You have always been in the darkness. So while the one’s who have always been in the light adjust to the darkness, you should take the opportunity to thrive. It is really your time. If you lack imagination, I’ll tell you how you can in my next blog. “It’s your deeds that define you.” Just because Batman said, don’t make it less true.


Anyway, my cat needs feeding. And she loves me. so, “meow” ’til next time.


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The lights are on but ….

Posted by ebonywood on December 13, 2008

Jingle Blues Jingle Bells meets Stratford!

Jingle Blues Jingle Bells meets Stratford!

As I’m handing out these flyers promoting ‘Jingle Blues Jingle Bells’, I hear the cries of credit crunch. Some people say ‘interesting.” I’m not sure if I really like that word.




Because I don’t really know what it means. But I’ll come back to that word another time. I’ll tell you a few stories about that word and why the dictionary has got the meaning wrong.


Right now I’m dealing with the psychology behind the exchange of the flyer. Why do people take a flyer from you, stare at it for thirty-seconds (reading) and then ask you what it’s all about? I don’t mind explaining, but it seems that most people (including me), ain’t ‘here and now’. You’ve heard the expression, ‘the lights are on, but nobody’s home?’

Anyway, today it’s the ones that are crying ‘Credit Crunch’ I wanna talk to. I’ll tell you a little story. Two guys were going about their daily business, one was blind the other could see. The blind man spent a lot of time bumping into things and had to find other abilities within him to move around and survive. And he did and not only was he surviving, he was doing fairly well. The other man was thriving and continued to do so. The blind man’s perceived disadvantage didn’t mean a thing to the man that could see. After all, he was living in a seeing man’s world. Then one day, with no warning, the whole world went dark. The man that could see went mad, he could no longer find his way around. He couldn’t function without his eyes and was full of fear.  But for the blind man, everything was the same. In fact, without the blind man knowing, he had become equal.


The point of the story is, why would a blind man, who functions perfectly in the dark, start to bump into furniture and all kinds of other things, just because someone turns the light out?


Some of you will get the gist from now, but I’ll spell it out for you in no uncertain terms in the beginning of my next blog.

Right now my daughters need my attention.


That ol’ daddy thing, you know?

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Jingle Blues Jingle Bells Jingles.

Posted by ebonywood on December 6, 2008

Listen to the jingles of Jingle Blues Jingle Bells   

The Caroll Family

The Caroll Family












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Can Black British films exist without guns and violence?

Posted by ebonywood on December 3, 2008

In an Industry, where successful films with a black lead seem to exist from the USA and endorsed by the industry by only recognising the strength of leading actors like Denzel Washington and Halle Berry, for their artistry in strongly provocative roles like, Training Days and Monster’s Ball.  Is there an appetite for family British films?

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What they have said about Jingle Blues Jingle Bells

Posted by ebonywood on December 3, 2008

jingle_blues_banner1About Jingle Blues Jingle Bells they said:

“… yeah where is the sequel?” Geoffrey Okol


“Love the film”  Sara Jane Carey-Baxter



“I don’t criticise.  I just support”. Kwame Kwei-Armah


“ Very funny, witty and kept me guessing all the way to the end.  It is refreshing to see a film like this”     Marianne Jean-Baptise (BAFTA and Academy Award nominee)


 “Very good film, good production values and very funny”    Eddie Nestor – BBC London Presenter 94.9fm

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Do the right thing!

Posted by ebonywood on December 3, 2008

From Bushisms to Obamaisms

I don’t know about you, but it seems like everyone around has stopped
laughing at the Bushisms, and have started to adopt Obamaisms.

I heard Germaine Greer on a news programme stating that they needed
to adopt the ‘Obama type viral campaign’ to raise money for her insect
campaign.  I also heard that at a BBC seminar the host assert the
key word is ‘change’. 

Well Bush may have kept us laughing for the past 8 years, but, there is a
feeling that Obama will be less funny and far more thought provoking!

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To do or not to do?

Posted by ebonywood on December 3, 2008

Positive vibrations

Recently, I was on a train waiting for it to take me from Stratford to
Liverpool Street.  As I was sitting I heard the ‘tinny sound of music through
bad head phones.  In normal British fashion everyone just stared, tutted
or plainly ignored it. 

Suddenly, this man suited and booted, got up, walked in front of the lad
and started to do the David Brent dance (sounds and all) , 
The shocked looking lad, said ’wats the matta with you’. 
The guy just stood there and loudly but calmly said, since you wanted to
share your music with all of us, I thought I would share my favourite dance
with you.

The lad just turned and went into another carriage. Even though no one
said anything to the guy, I must confess I had a rye smile on my face and
with a nod in his direction I said my thanks.

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Welcome to the blog of Ebonywood!

Posted by ebonywood on December 2, 2008

Welcome to the blog of Ebonywood Studio Productions.                                   Ebonywood logo

For those of you who are new to us.  Ebonywood Studio Productions based in East London, is a new UK based film company which endeavors to produce representative entertainment with high production values.

Ebonywood Studio Productions company director Sylvester Williams grew up in Hackney.  Since leaving EastEnders he has taken active steps to regenerate inner city London by starting a drama school and an actor’s agency that encourages arts and positive creative action in deprived areas that has also extended to other cities around England.

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