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All of us

Jingle Blues Jingle Bells available now in HMV                      

The Caroll Family

The Caroll Family


Jingle Blues Jingle Bells is set to be a new and overdue  milestone created by a black owned production company.  


Writer-Director, Sylvester Williams says: “I wanted to write a romantic comedy which has universal appeal in opposition to the ‘Guns and Gangsters’ trend representing black culture in film today.


This film was in production for 24 days and was shot on numerous locations throughout Hackney and London’s East End.


About the Film


Jingle Blues Jingle Bells, a new feature film from Ebonywood Studio Productions written and directed by Sylvester Williams (East Enders).


Set in the East End of London, this Romantic Comedy Drama focuses on a black British family with one white child. The story is about Christopher Caroll striving to please his family and at the same time control a financial crisis during the festive season.


In doing so his actions become a catalyst that reveals secrets that could tear the family apart.






One Response to “All of us”

  1. alvinrosscarpio said


    This is Alvin Carpio. I was wondering where I could get Sylvester Williams’ contact details. I did a drama course with him at Hackney Young People’s University and I wanted to speak to him about a potential interview @ http://www.world-makers.com.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Alvin Carpio

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